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Read Aloud Feature in Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader XI has a Read Out Loud feature built into it.

This feature allows students to have text read to them while they follow along, making it especially helpful for readers with various language-based learning disabilities. The text-speech reader acts like a reading coach, pronouncing words correctly as students follow along.

Watch the Adobe Read Aloud tutorial by Mrs. Justin to see how you can create your own PDFs, and to see how Read Out Loud works.

Read Out Loud is not unlike reading with a more experienced reader who gives you feedback when you get stuck on a word. What’s more, using this feature can help students improve reading fluency—the ability to read accurately, quickly, with expression and with understanding—and firm up connections for words in the neural circuits of their brains—but only if students track visually while they listen. Just listening to the text read will not help students to improve reading fluency.

Traditionally, teachers have used expensive text-speech software on school computers to ease the reading load of students with learning disabilities. Read Out Loud now make this technology much more accessible.