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Tips to Improve Writing – Looking Ahead to the OSSLT

It's never too soon to think about preparing for the Ontario Secondary School Literacy test. Since the OSSLT’s debut in 2002, much of how we think about and teach reading and writing has changed. Reading and writing have moved online, and research is beginning to reveal how learning is affected by this shift.

The length of the test and its format are especially challenging for students who find it difficult both to write lengthy responses and to focus for extended periods of time. Preparation will help them perform better on test day.

Writing can be a daunting task, and it takes time and practice for students to improve these skills. The table in Tips to Improve Writing tells students how they can make the most of the writing skills they have. Over time, applying these tips consistently will help students improve the overall quality of their writing.

By Carla Douglas
Image by Marco Verch